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Simone Marie, Also known as DJ Hooch, DJ NYF and then DJ Bratt, was born and raised in New York. Bratt’s love for music was apparent from pictures of her at a few month old banging on the piano with her mouth wide open singing. Then from five years old until about eight, Bratt’s grandmother gave her the gift of piano lessons because grandma wanted Bratt to become a pianist.

Piano playing was short-lived because, after Bratt’s first professional show, she realized she wanted to write her own music as opposed to playing someone else’s music on the piano. Bratt, whose goals were to be an actress, dancer, singer and, model, realized that she wanted to become a DJ at about 8 or 9 years old (1974) and used her Goofy “record player” as well as her mother’s “record player” to mix songs together before she ever heard of the concept of mixing. In fact, the “record players” were not belt-driven. Who knew that in the late 60s and early 70s Francis Grasso created beat-mixing.

Bratt wrote a few songs at age eleven and went on to the next thing which was taking jazz and tap lessons at the local dance school. Bratt then played around with the guitar for a short time and joined a rock band but was frightened to sing. The next few years were about collecting vinyl and hanging out with friends until Bratt went to beauty school at 16 and then worked in a few hair salons until she began to work for the original Studio 54 in NYC in 1984. Studio 54 was where many of the people from the entertainment industry spent their club time. This was Bratt’s time to take an even greater interest in spinning outside of the bedroom once in the 54 DJ booth; however, it would be another 3 years (1987) until Bratt would take seriously and dedicate most of her time to the 1s and 2s.

Bratt’s boyfriend at the time was a DJ and he had Tech 12s in his house and that was it! Bratt was spinning Freestyle and house music. House music was in its infancy. There were no other female DJs in NY at that time to be found but research shows there was a female radio personality who may have been an alternative music DJ who helped open a club. Bratt moved to Vegas and holds the title of first female DJ in Las Vegas and is a pioneer of the underground scene and considers herself a Godmother of house, techno and trance music. She played house, techno, and trance in the clubs in Vegas where dance, pop and hip hop was the norm.

Bratt is a pioneer of the Vegas DJ scene. Bratt, along with 2 female DJs from Europe (on radio at first) and 3 DJs in the US also on radio, were the 1st 5 female club DJs on the planet, Bratt is the only one that did not start on the radio. Leaving the public scene for a while to do private gigs and raise children, Bratt came back in October of 2016 with a greater passion for music, mixing, remixing and production. Bratt spins all genres from House to Tribal and Hardcore Techno and Bigroom to Trance.

I was honored to contribute a chapter for Jesse Saunders’ (The Originator of House Music) 2020 book entitled “In Their Own Words.”